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WITH THE GREAT HONORS of and from The World Students Society...................

I stop to pay respects to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Imran Khan, ever so lovingly called, The Captain.

Let me say to you both, Your Excellency's The Prime Ministers of your respective countries-

That both Pakistan and India have a  hopelessly defective relationship, that just really, has no relevance to the will of the peoples, misery, poverty, hopelessness that exists on the ground, and within the 21st century.

What then about the future? ''How long will this state of affairs continue? Some kind of a gigantic upheaval against it is bound to come,'' writes Justice Markandey Katju, former judge of the Supreme Court of India.

And Mr.Justice Markandey Katju, with all the honors from The World Students Society continues :

1. Today India has all that is required to become a modern, highly industrialized nation with its people enjoying a high standard of living.

We have a huge pool of technical talent [ our IT engineers are largely manning Silicon Valley, and Indian Professors are in Maths, Science and Engineering Departments in many American and European Universities ]. and we have immense natural resources.

Yet despite this we have massive poverty, unemployment, child malnourishment farmers suicides, almost total lack of healthcare and good education for our masses, etc.

2. Indian is passing a transitional period in our history, transition from feudal agriculture to modern industrial society. Presently, we are neither totally feudal nor totally industrial but somewhere in between.

India is presently going through this fire. We are going through a very painful period in our history [ which I guess will last for another 15-20 years ].

For after all what is a transition? It is a period when the old society is being uprooted and torn apart, when old values are being challenged, but a new society and new values have not yet been established. Can this accomplished without pain and turbulence? Certainly not.

3.  Our national aim must be to create a new social and political order in which all our people get decent lives and enjoy a high standard of living. That is only possible if we have a high degree of and widespread industrialization.

*But if we industrialize we will become a big industrial rival for the industrialized countries. WILL THEY PERMIT THIS?

Cost of labour is a big chunk of the total cost of production, and so if the cost of labour is less the cost production is less, and consequently one can sell at a cheaper price and undersell his business rival.

Indian labour is even cheaper than Chinese labour.

So if we get fully industrialized we  undersell the whole world, even the Chinese. Who then will buy their costly goods when the same quality Indian goods, will sell at one-third the price?

*So the unwritten rule of the industrialized nations is ; do not let India industrialize any further. For doing this, instigate caste, communal and other kinds of strife.*

But our aim must be to become a highly industrialized country, for only then can we get rid of poverty, unemployment and our other social evils.

This conflict between our national goal and the effort of the industrialized countries  [ to prevent further Indian industrialization ] will be another cause for the coming period of Great Turbulence.

Some people tell me I should not scare them. But if the truth scares you that is your problem. It will not cease to be the truth.

During this Great Turbulence [as I call it ] some genuine patriotic and modern minded leaders will emerge who will lead our people towards our national goal of creating a prosperous highly industrialized nation with its people enjoying a high standard of living.

But before that is achieved great sacrifices will be required, and great pain endured.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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Good Night and God Bless

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