Now after more than 20 years of war, the Afghan people are too tired and deprived of a humane life to seek their bigger desires for their country, like independence, freedom, democracy and social justice.

The majority of the attacks by the US are carried out without accurate intelligence and regard to civilian lives, resulting in bloody massacres through airstrikes, drone strikes, night raids, and shootings across Afghanistan.

After all these years, the US understands the fighting tactics of the Taliban very well : they fight guerrilla style and immediately leave an area after carrying out their operation, leaving behind innocent civilians who have nowhere to escape to.

Bombarding an area after the operation has been carried out, and has usually only targeted innocent civilians.

This well-known pattern has been ignored by the US military. In certain cases an entire gathering on village has been bombarded to target a few Taliban members or a single Taliban commander.

Such disproportionate use of force can only be titled as intentional attacks on civilian populations.

There is overwhelming evidence, in the form of admission by US army members and leaked documents, like -

Like The Intercept reported that 90 percent of the people killed in drone strikes were not the target, that most attacks that have caused loss of innocent lives, have either been intentional or highly reckless.

Most of the troops and private company contractors sent in the Afghan war were brainwashed with hatred for Afghans and and motivated by revenge for 9/11.

This made innocent Afghan civilians easy prey for them to fulfill their sick hatred.

The Serving of the latest Operational Research on War in Afghanistan, continues. 


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