THIS KARTARPUR breakthrough took everybody by surprise, didn't it? Nobody, not even Imran Khan expected any headway, in any manner.

But the local press is treating it as more than a small victory for Islamabad, even a soft coup of sorts.

Much credit must go the Pakistani army chief. Sure, it's a political government that should take such decisions, but some aspects of foreign policy will remain prime military jurisdiction till a prospective  thaw assumes more concrete proportions.

That much, fortunately or unfortunately, is the reality of the subcontinent.

Besides, though Imran Khan is one hundred percent behind the idea - and even inaugurated the border crossing - he had not even legally become the Prime Minister when Gen Bajwa shared the idea with Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Apparently proposals for the corridor - a 4 km stretch of land that will allow visa-free access to Guru Nanak's shrine - were lying dead since 1988 because neither government had the inclination to take them forward.

That explains, why the Sikhs, at least, couldn't care less about diplomatic niceties as they descended on Lahore for the Gurus 550th birthday celebrations.

The entry point locals will have even more to celebrate. Announcements have already been made about construction of a five-star  hotel and numerous hostels in addition to all the commercial  spillover that comes with tourism.

In PM Modi's own immortal words, tourism is a significant driver of growth and benefits everybody in a society right down to the paan wala.

The honor and serving of the latest developments between India and Pakistan,  as operational research will continue in the future. The World students Society thanks author Shahab Jafry, Khaleej Times.


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