IRANIAN researchers and scientists have shown the first herbal remedy to treat Alzheimer's called  Melitropic.

The drug was released during a ceremony at the  Iranian Institute of Medicinal Plants at the  Academic Center and  Education, Culture and Research [ACECR] on Saturday morning.

Iranian scientists have produced the world's first herbal medicine to treat Alzheimer's disease or prevent it from progressing through relieving symptoms such as memory loss and confusion.

The drug, called Melitropic, was released during a ceremony at the Iranian Institute of Medicinal Plants at the Academic Center and Education, Culture and Research [ACECR] on Saturday morning.

Iranian Minister of Health, Hassan Qazizadeh Hashemi, the president of Jihad University, Syed Hamidreza Tayebi and several researchers were present at the event.

Researchers have historically grounded in the country's extensive experience in treating brain disorders, used the latest related studies in the world to produce herbal medicine.

Dr. Shamsali Rezzadeh, president of Jihad University's Institute of Medicinal Plants, said that a series of trials were conducted on 42 patients with early-onset to moderate Alzheimer's symptoms to determine the effectiveness of Melitropic.

Extract from plant genus.

He added that Dracocephalum extract a genus of phanerogamous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family - was administered to those in the experimental group, patients in the control group received placebos.

Rezazadeh said that forgetfulness and recognition rates and possible side effects were analyzed after four months of studies.; and the results showed an obvious and noticeable improvement in the mental state of the patients, who had been given Dracocephalum  extract.

According to Rezazade, anxiety disorder and irritability symptoms had been considerably reduced among subjects in the experience group.

The president of the Institute of Medicinal Plants of Jihad University emphasized that certain measures were taken into account in order to introduce Melitropic into the world market.

The honor of serving the latest global operational research on herbal medicine and crippling diseases, continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda Russia.


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