Headline December 24, 2018/ '' 'CHINA'S COWBOY CHAPS' ''


IN CHINA, - one great school trains boys to be some 'real men. And these boys go about doing their homework in a class surrounded by framed posters of famous scientists and engineers.

Only one woman is pictured : the Polish physicist Marie Curie.

And all this while, here, in this developing world : India, Proud Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, - and on and on I can go -, never ever did I get acquainted with any such lofty  thinking.

But in China, the preoccupation with strong men have taken on a political dimension, feeding concerns about whether young Chinese male are in trouble.

''Erasing the gender characteristics of a of a man who is not afraid of death and hardship,'' Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor of Central China Normal University, said, is tantamount to ''a country's suicide.''

Mr. Tang, a former football coach and teacher, said the idea for starting his club came from the discussions with parents who were worried about their sons falling behind in school.

According to a 2014 survey of 20,000 Chinese primary school students and their parents in four provinces, almost  two-thirds of the boys surveyed performed poorly academically, compared with a less than one-third of the girls.

The study was conducted the China Academy of  Educational Sciences, a research institute affiliated with China's Education Ministry.

The survey by the China Academy of Educational Sciences found that ''whether it was in life or in school, parents had a great tendency to spoil boys.''

More than 2,000 boys have enrolled in the Real Boys Club, according to to Mr. Tang.

One mother Sun Yi, decided to enroll her 8-year old son - her only child - because she believed it would teach him teamwork. She paid, about $2,000 for a semester's worth of classes.

''He used to like to cry, but now I think he has a much sunnier disposition,'' she said. ''I feel his tolerance ability has improved, and he knows how to deal with failure and frustration.''

In the Real Boys Club, the lessons of manhood are taught in slogans. Before the boys do their homework, they pledge to study hard for the ''rise of China,'' starting with the words :

''I am a real man! The main bearer of the family and social responsibility in the future! The backbone of the Chinese people!''

Mr. Tang said ''real men'' are gallant. {''I can never ask this of a girl,'' said Mr. Tang, who has a 3-year old daughter. ''This is a trait that is unique to boys.'' }

Other traits that boys should have, he said, include  courage, etiquette, the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and an understanding of ''honor and disgrace''.

At the start of the program, several of the boys spoke in a whisper or cried for half an hour, said Guo Suiyun, one of the teachers.

''When one of them cries, we will definitely not comfort him,'' said Mr. Guo, 30, ''We will only encourage him to be strong.''

Every Sunday, the boys hop on a bus at 7:40 am, and ride to a sports school nestled in the hills of western Beijing, where they play soccer games that involve teamwork and strength, and football - a sport that is still new to many in China. One day in December they will run shirtless.

'' I never get to play soccer during the week,'' said Sun Shujie, 10. Earlier, Mr. Tang had asked him to shore his story about giving up his smartphone during the week.

The boys do their homework in a school surrounded by framed posters of famous scientists and engineers. Only woman is pictured : the Polish Physicist Marie Curie.

Some in China blame boys' lacking behavior on a lack of role models. Fathers are rarely involved in their sons upbringing, according to government research.

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