*IT REALLY is 'us'' and ''them'', those who understand and those who compel, those who outrage and those who damage, those who revolutionise and those who moderate*...........

Andre Vltchek is tired. He is tired of the cunning complexities in modern society's fight for the  human soul.

In his new book : Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, he takes on a new revolution : today's foe - a counter culture of vulgarity, war and brutality where his battlefield is the romance of radical zeal but the rotted, festering carcass of capitalism's war on human spirit.

Revolutionary Optimism Western Nihilism might just be Vltchek's most heartfelt book to date, a memoir of his own struggles with the reality that western society doesn't it faces : Machiavellian pact between regulation and obedience -

An ugly alternative to the default human story of staying alive and feeling passionate about a cause, about anything.

Debate and ideas are only disseminated at a pre-approved frequency, the pitch unable to arouse, inspire, or make a change.

For Andre, the streets of London, Paris and other symbols of ''beauty'' and ''romance'' of western cities are untenable, plastered in the posters of everyone;s individuality and isolation, adverts of selfishness and egos.

Queue here a pathological cycle of depression, mental illness and the seeking of ''professional help'', which serves to preserve human specimens on the assembly line of conformity and 'manageability' by the imperialists in their own home.

If there's a spark in anyone, it is relegated to minority status, a fearful and dark corner to reside, one that is attacked and decried.

Andre talks about seeking solace and home in countries on the other side of the fence, places that have fought to not labour under under the misdirection of the western system, the most ''God-forsaken corners'' Africa and Asia'', South America, the Middle-East and Oceania.

He recognises the kindling that begs to be sparked, the passion that cries to be ignited and he thrives in them - but.......

He cannot function in a society that is ''western'' by nature, a slave to all that has corrupted the humanity and the innate goodness of man, woman and child.

And the western influencing machine is marching, widening its noxious shadow over all of them.   

The World Students Society thanks researcher Reem Wasay for the Book Review write up.


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