TOM CRUISE does a 5-mile skydive for the next sequel of  'Mission Impossible'.

Tom Cruise is famous for doing all dangerous stunts himself in his action movies. He has jumped off buildings, glided off skyscrapers and hung on to the outside of a plane during take-off in his roles as action movie hero.

It will be safe to say that  Tom Cruise  will be the first actor to perform a ''Halo'' skydive on a camera  : a  'high altitude',    low opening''  jump, usually done by highly trained military professionals as a way of avoiding detection by the enemy.

The famous  Hollywood actor filmed the stunt for  ''Mission Impossible -Fallout'' the latest installment of the  high growing action movies in which he plays agent Ethan Hunt.

In a video released ahead of the  movie's  release  July 27 U.S. release , Cruise leaps from the cargo door of a plane at  25,000 feet  {7.600 meters}  almost  5 miles  -opening the parachute less than 2,000 feet  {600 meters}  from the ground, according the filmmakers.

Cruise trained in a  custom-built  wind machine and used a special helmet to prepare a for the stunt, which carries a risk of decompression sickness,  or  ''the bends''  during the  200 mph [320 kmh]  fall.

Tome Cruise broke an ankle last year filming another stunt for  ''Mission Impossible  -Fallout'', when he jumped between two buildings and landed against a fall but it did not stop him for taking the risks for what's he's famous for.  [Daily Times Monitor]


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