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'*Facebook won't protect your privacy..............and all and many things make up for a dangerous mix:

A company that reaches most of the country and the world every day and has the most detailed set of personal data ever assembled, but has no incentive to prevent abuse............

'IN OTHER CASES, DEVELOPERS asked for permission to get user data that their apps obviously didn't need - such as a social game asking for all your photos and messages.

People rarely read permissions request forms carefully, so they often authorize access to sensitive information without realizing it.

At a company that was deeply concerned about protecting its users, this situation would have been met with a robust effort to cut off developers who were making questionable use of data.

But when I was at Facebook, the typical reaction I recall looked like this : try to put any negative press coverage to bed as quickly as possible, with no sincere efforts to put safeguards in place or to identify and stop abusive developers.

When i proposed a deeper audit of  developers' use of Facebook's data, one executive asked me, ''Do you really want to see what you'll find?''

The message was clear : The company just wanted negative stories to stop. It really didn't care how the data was used.'' '

The World Students Society thanks Sandy Paralilas who worked as an operations manager on the platform team at Facebook in 2011 and 2012.

Graphics of Facebook were displayed at a hearing on Capitol Hill just recently about Russia's potential interference in the U.S. presidential election last November. But how the gaming Facebook  persist, just read through on the continuing research.

Rob Leathern, Facebook's director of product management, said he was ''grateful'' that The New York Times had brought the action of Nevada Revolution to the company's attention.

''We are looking into it because it's against our policies to share passwords or given someone else access to a person's Facebook account,'' he said., adding-

''We use signals such as  two-factor authentication to detect and prevent this type of abuse, but steps like these won't stop every attempt to game the system. 

''We believe the process we put in place is a solid step, but we also know that initially there will be instances where we don't catch ads that should have been labeled and the authorization process wasn't completed by the person placing the ad,'' Mr. Leathern said in the call.

The Fourth District race has received national attention because four Democrats are running to oust  Representative Tom McClintock, a five-term Republican.

Ms. Bateson's main rival is Jessica Morse, who previously worked for the United States State Department and other agencies.

Both are campaigning for the office for the first time. Mr. McClintock has said he believes that his seat is safe.

To run, Ms. Bateson, who grewup in Roseville, Calif., took a leave of absence last year from her job as a political-science professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

She moved from Boston to her hometown, just outside Sacramento, with her husband, Vivek Krishnamurthy, who is a lawyer, and their three children.

Ms. Bateson is running on a platform that includes protection of the Affordable Care Act.

Sierra Nevada Revolution, which is facing a complaint to the Federal Election Commission over its failure to register as a political organization, clashed with Ms. Bateson, starting in March when the group endorsed Ms. Morse.

It attacked Ms. Bateson for having challenged Ms. Morse's credentials this year.

The group often posted its criticism of Ms. Bateson on Facebook. Mr. Smith said he was in control of the account when it posted its first ad blasting her, adding that he had spent more than $3,000 of his money on that ad and others.

The first ad, which Facebook did not designate as a political ad, was titled, ''Lose by any means necessary.''

It accused Ms. Bateson of running a ''scorched earth campaign'' and helping the Republican candidate by turning on her fellow democrats.

Another Serra Nevada Revolution ad, which ran on Facebook on May 26 and mentioned Ms. Bateson and other topics, did not say who had paid for it, as required. Facebook said that it had made a mistake and that the ad was removed before being republished later with the correct label.

In total Serra Nevada Revolution ran 29 Facebook ads in May aimed at swaying people votes in California's primary election, according to Facebook's ad archive.

Ms. Bateson said that her won campaign was not verified as a political advertiser by Facebook and had filled out the paperwork only in recent weeks. Her campaign was working with an outside digital advertising firm to run ads on Facebook.

But she worried that it would be too little, too late - especially since others have already made a mark through political Facebook ads that were not properly labeled.

''Here are with the people already voting by main in the primaries, and we see serious problems with their system,'' Ms. Bateson said of the social network.

''We see that someone from here with local knowledge of our election can use Facebook to really influence people.''

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