Headline June 18, 2018/ ''' *PRIVACY -FIRST : !WOW!* '''

''' *PRIVACY -FIRST : !WOW!* '''

NEVER IGNORE PRIVACY UPDATES : And it is in that very concept, that all students data will be fully protected by the founders of The World Student Society, right -

Right to the point and a little beyond, when the the elected members of The World Students Society have taken over their responsibilities. That's the Tech Fix till then.

Till then, there is a lot of legalese to wade through. So resist the temptation to immediately delete those emails or close the alerts right away. They may contain important information about managing your digital privacy at a time when it has become clear that our online data is far from safe/ 


If you skipped reading the emails and notifications, you may have missed out on the new privacy controls that Internet companies recently introduced.

These typically are not very easy to find, but they are worth exploring because there maybe new methods to minimize the amount of data you share.

Consider Twitter : The social media company's recent privacy-related email mentioned that people can now more clearly see and control how their data is shared with its business partners.

Here's how : Near the very bottom of  Twitter's settings menu, there's now a button called *Your Twitter Data*. Here, you can see the number of advertisers that are trying to target you based on your interests.

You can also opt out of this so-called interest-based advertising. When I used the tool, I found out that more than 600 advertisers had my contact information and I chose to no longer share data with the ads program.

Facebook, which has been under scrutiny for the improper harvesting of user data by the political profiling firm Cambridge Analytica, has also updated its privacy controls.

One of Facebook's newer tools is called Privacy Checkup, which can be found in a menu
in a menu called Privacy Shortcuts.

When you run the  checkup with Facebook app, it quickly walks you through the people you share your posts with by default,  the information you show on your profile and the apps you share your data with.

Also inside the Facebook app's settings menu is a button labelled Ads. This brings you to your ad preferences, where you can see which advertisers have your contact information and you can control the type of ads that can be shown to you.

For example, you can opt out of being being shown ads based on information like your relationship status, employer job-title and education history.

You can also opt out of being shown ads based on your activity on other Facebook-owned products like the  messaging app : WhatsApp or the virtual reality system Oculus.

Those are just two examples of big social networking sites. What tech products do you use the most?  Take a moment to poke around them in your privacy settings to see if there are any new restrictions you can put on your data.


A big part of the new data law is that it requires companies to offer ways for you to pull your data out and take it to a new service.

Google, Facebook and Twitter each offer the ability to download your data, and some of those capabilities have been expanded ahead of the new data Law's going into effect.

Be aware that other Internet products you use should soon be offering similar tools to pull out your data. If you disagree with a company's new data collection policy, try downloading your information to see if you can exercise your right of taking your data to a better product.

But beware : Not all data-portability tools are created equal. I documented my experience downloading my data from google and Facebook and found that Google data porting tool, called  Takeout, was superior to Facebook's .

Google gave greater transparency into the information that we gathered and it gave more options for the data I could move to competing products.

And if porting your data doesn't work out, keep in mind that you can delete your account. The new law requires companies to offer ways for European users to permanently delete their accounts and all  their data along with it.

Companies may chose not to offer the same option for people outside Europe, but it won't hurt to try.

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