Dr. Kessler and I also wrote a chapter together in 2016 titled : ''Constructive Dialogue; A Muslim and Jewish Perspective on Dialogue between Islam and Judaism -

Which was published in the volume : The Routledge Handbook of Muslim-Jewish Relations. And despite my extensive travels and work around the world, I have yet to find an academic centre this innovative in how it approached dialogue between Faith than the  Woolf Institute.

The Woolf Institute embodies the cosmopolitan spirit which fills the Cambridge air.

The next morning, after our successful Iftar launch, I had the honor of calling on Lord Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Master's Lodge at the Magdalene College, where he serves as the  Master , joined by Zeenat and my granddaughter, Mina.

Lord Williams has long been a leading advocate for interfaith dialogue and I am honoured and humbled by the support he has provided for my work over the years.

It was an honor to meet him again and hear his calm words of compassionate wisdom. He remains a great voice of sanity in a world which seems  be spinning out of control and a symbol of British bridge-building efforts.

The next day, in the Cambridge City Centre, another cosmopolitan spectacle unfolded before our very own eyes.

Prince Harry married the Love of his Life, Meghan Markle, a a biracial American actress who herself is a tremendous bridge world's cultures, in a beautiful ceremony which brought the world's cultures together and symbolised royal inclusiveness, US and UK.

She is like a fresh breeze and adds vitality and beauty to the House of Windsor.

It appeared during my visit that not only in Cambridge, but in all of Britain people were in love with the happy couple - even the weather was beautiful and sunny on their wedding day.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Global Operational Research on Faiths and Honors continues to Part 3.

The World Students Society, for every subject in the World, thanks the author Dr. Professor  Akbar Ahmad, of Ibn Khaldun Chair of  Islamic Studies  at American University, Washington DC.


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