WASHINGTON / SEOUL : President Donald Trump said on Friday that the time and place has been set for land mark meeting with-

North Korea's Kim Jong Un but kept the world guessing for now about when and where.

Trump also said that withdrawal of US troops from South Korea was ''not on the table''  as he looks to get Kim to give up his nukes at what will be the first summit of between a US and North Korean leader.

The New York Times reported that Trump has asked the Pentagon to prepare plans for scaling back the US military presence in the allied Asian nation.

Some 28,500 US forces are based there, a military presence that has been preserved since the Korean War ended in 1953 without a peace treaty.

North Korea has long sought the removal of those troops as one of its conditions for denuclearsation.

It remains unclear if Kim has relaxed that demand as he turns to diplomacy with adversaries after a year of escalating tensions.

Trump also said then that the Southeast Asian city state of Singapore was also in the running to play host.[Agencies]


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