The dilapidated warehouse in southern Tehran seemed an unlikely place for Iran to store its most sensitive nuclear secrets.

But according to Israeli officials, the storage facility in the Shorabad neighbourhood had been chosen precisely because of its unassuming appearance.

Israel government reportedly feared that the files might be found by international inspectors if they were kept in major bases and so they hid them in the Tehran warehouse.

Israeli officials said it was this act of centralisation that made it possible for  Mossad spies to pull off the seemingly impossible :

Snatching half a tonne of Iranian documents in a single night and secreting them out of the capital and of the country.

''It was too heavy to take in its entirety,'' said one Israeli official.

Details began to emerge on Tuesday about the  Israeli raid which provided the intelligence behind  Benjamin Netanyahu's  public accusation that-

Iran lied to the whole world about its nuclear programme before and after the 2015 deal.

The Israeli's Prime Minister described the operation as one of Israel's ''biggest ever intelligence achievements'' but gave-

Little sense about how it came about during his speech at the Israeli defence ministry on Monday.

The Operational Research on Nuclear Sciences and Technology continues to Part 2.

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