Beijing : ANT apologises for ''extremely idiotic'' default setting of credit-score system.

BEIJING : Ant financial, the Internet financial behemoth controlled by billionaire Jack Ma, has apologised for roping unsuspecting users into its fledgling but fast-growing credit-score system.

Ant's Alipay kicked off a free service this week to help users generate a consumption profile based on their shopping history.

BUT buried at the bottom of its landing page was a small box, checked by default, that automatically enrolled users to its SESAME CREDIT unless they opted out.

The subsequent online uproar prompted Ant to change that setting and call the move ''extremely idiotic'', according to a post on its social media account

The online outrage highlights growing concerns over lack of transparency on how firms are gathering and using personal data, even in a country where people are subject to persistent government monitoring and censorship.

Tencent Holdings Ltd, this week publicly denied it was storing users' chat histories after a high profile entrepreneur questioned on user privacy.

It also underscores how personal data has become the new currency in an ongoing race between  China's tech giants, pioneers in the field of using-

Highly granular mobile and online information to determine personal credit worthiness.


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