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*THE WORLD IS TOTALLY WRONG*  :  -if it impressions,  that...................  *Proud Pakistan*,  this great nuclear, self-respecting & democratic republic-

With a first rate, battle tested [and uniquely skilled in anti Terror work armed forces], can be humiliated, broken up or harmed, or driven to its knees.

PROUD PAKISTAN : can boast of such great sons and daughters of the rare class and honor of : Socratic Kaptaan Imran Khan, Dr. Ata-Ur-Rehman, Lt.Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, Former DG Inter Services Intelligence,  lovingly called, The ISI,  

[Rabo to inform this great gentleman and officer,  Lt; Gen Ahmed Shuja  Pasha, of my very high regards, love, respect and prayers, for him and his family. And invite him on !WOW!].

Dr. M. Jawaid Khan- Dr.Parvez Hoodbhoy, Engineer Basharat Akber Khan, Dr. Masud Reza, Scientist Engineer Munawer- Engineer Salim Khan Kasuriya, and  Businessman Gulzar Abbasi/ Gulzar Hospital.

Engineer & Technologist Imran Basit, Dr, Imran Bukhari,  Engineer Shahid Shakoor, Businessman Alamgir Khan, Senior Member Board M Fahim Khan, Asst professor M Hammad Khan, and Head Of Capital Markets Far East Imran Khan. Well with that,  I turn to Pakistan's  super daughters:

Ms. Khadija Javed Khan, Ms. Maryam Nawaz,  Ms. Shahbano Imran,........... Ms. Shazia Gul, Ms. Humera Saqib,  Ms. Zainab Khan, Ms. Uzma Naqvi,  

Merium, Rabo, Dee, ZilliSeher Khan, Eman, Aqsa, Saima,  Haleema, Iqra Abbasi, Sanyia. Asifa Zaradari Bhutto, Ambassador Malala/Oxford  and millions by millions of others. 

And with that. I pick the strand for the main theme and quote this great Pakistani Economist- Dr. Kaiser Bengali, who in one great way, vets !WOW!'s concept: and issues the following insight : 

*''We have enough funds to eradicate illiteracy and poverty. The issue is lack of proper management and for which the youths/students have to struggle.''* 

True, Sir! And thank you for lighting up the great Fenyman professors of Pakistan

How he eventually ended up earning a Nobel Prize.in Physics is also interesting. At Cornell, he began to feel that he could not do any further any research, despite his very best efforts. Los Alamos had burned him down.

Moreover, he realised that  preparing lectures  took energy and time away from research. To be able to resume, he thought he should just start playing with  physics like he used to.

One day, in Cornell's cafetaria,  he noticed a man throwing a plate in the air and that the  medallion  of Cornell,  on the underside of this plate, moved around faster than the wobbling plate itself. He then calculated the motion of the rotating plate.

He even worked out the equations for the wobbling and this ten got him to think about how electrons orbit move in relativity. He noticed that since he was enjoying himself, the whole thing was effortless.

Eventually, his computation of the plate rotation led to the Nobel Prize.

Feynman was very passionate about education. He spent time teaching in Brazil and his analysis of their education system is worth noting. I found many things he observed that are applicable to our current educational system in Pakistan.

He was dismayed that students were memorising everything and didn't possess the intuition of  needed to understand concepts. He was surprised that students wouldn't translate concepts into meaningful words.

Moreover, it baffled him that students could enter into university, pass exams and do well in classes, but not really understand what they were studying.

He recounted an incident in which a group of students told Fenyman he was wasting their time and teaching them stuff which was beneath them. 

I have seen such delegations in universities in Pakistan undermining good teachers.  He was also surprised that no one ever asked any questions. If a student asked questions, his friends would taunt him.

Fenyman noticed that  ''that they got themselves into this funny state of mind, this strange kind of  self-propagating 'education' which is meaningless, utterly meaningless.''

He realised that effectively there was no science being done in Brazil effectively. 


Feynman's last chapter, titled  ''Cargo Cult Science'', discusses integrity in science, which is not taught in schools. He urged scientists to report their theories as well as all evidence that proves or disproves them


OVERALL, the book was funny and, in some parts, endearing.  He writes about his various faux paus at Princeton, when the wife of the dean asked him whether he would like drink to his tea with cream or lemon. He said both, and the dean's wife responded, laughing :

''Surely, you're joking Mr. Fenyman.'' .......Henceforth, whenever the dean's wife giggled, Fenyman knew he made a social error.

I also found it strange that he never learned to read music, given how much he emphasized truly understanding things., because learning to read music is so basic for anyone interested in playing.

But maybe one cannot really learn so many things from so many areas in one life. 

Lastly, I really wanted to see remorse from Professor Fenyman for working on the ATOMIC BOMB, but to my dismay and utter sadness, he never expressed any.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of Proud Pakistan and then the world. And with special honors for research and author, Waqas Younas. 

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Good Night and God Bless

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