MORE THAN 1000 ARE DEAD AND..... millions by millions are affected by heavy monsoon rains of this season.

This tragic phenomenon has become a regular feature, year and year after year. And the world has very few preventive solutions to counter this. The death toll continues to rise every year.

The United Nation says at least  41 million  people in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have been directly affected by flooding and landslides resulting from monsoon rains, which usually begin in June and last until September

And while  flooding at  Houston area has grabbed more attention, and officials say a  catastrophe is building a unfolding in South Asia.

In Nepal, thousands of homes have been destroyed and hundreds of people have been swept away. Elephants were pressed into service, wading through swirling waters to rescue people- 

And aid workers have have built  rafts from  bamboo and banana leaves

But many people are still missing, and some families have held last rites without their loved ones  bodies being found.

''This is the severest flooding in a number of years,'' said Francis Markus. a spokesman for the  International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said by phone at the time, from Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.

The World Students Society shares the sufferings of the Flood devastated people of Nepal, Bangladesh and India. And wishes the Students, professors and teachers of these countries, very well.


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