By: Ali Aizaz Zahid

IN a unanimous decision that gives.....

New vigor to India's Constitution and challenges the government's rising authoritarianism, India's Supreme Court just recently affirmed:

The Fundamental Right to Privacy.

At the outset of an eloquent  547-page  verdict, the court laid out the sweeping implications of the question before it :

''If  privacy is to be construed as a protected constitutional value, it would redefine in significant ways our concepts of liberty and the entitlements that flow out of its protection.''

The court's decision was the culmination of legal challenges on India's biometric program known as  'Aadhaar'.,  -the prgram was conceived to give India's poor -who too often lack identification-

A way to gain access to government services.

All Law Students, Sociologists, on the World Students Society,  to follow this, as it unfolds.


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