Student Suicides Increase In UK

By: Abshar Sarwar Hussain

Student suicides in UK have nearly doubled in the previous ten years, according to a study.

The IPPR thinktank study showed that about 150 students committed suicide last year.

According to report, the same year more than 15,000 first-year students at UK universities and colleges disclosed a mental health condition, a five-fold increase since 2007. Part of the increase is down to the fact that more student are now able to talk about mental health and see the subject as not taboo.

Mark Salter, a spokesman for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: “We know that the government needs to do much more to stop people reaching the level of desperation where they take their own lives. Suicide is preventable … without proper resourcing and funding, we will not reduce suicide in England.”

Another recent research, Millennium Cohort Study, has shown that about a quarter girls and 1 in 10 boys are showing the signs of depression at the age of 14.


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