'' *Pakistan Girl* Shines ''

By: Zainab

A Pakistani Girl  zeroes in on corrupt cops and domestic abuse :

Pakistan's newest female superhero has vowed to battle venal officials and protect battered women, as her creator tries to inspire the next generation to fight injustice in a deeply patriarchal society.

The new  ''Pakistan Girl''  comic series based on Sarah, a normal teenager with a pet cat who discovers she has gained superhuman powers after waking up from a coma caused by a terrorist blast in her village.

Learning from other superheros, she decides to use her powers for good and for fighting villains of society.

Donning a green cape, in an ode to the country's national flag, the protagonist whips a a man who was beating a woman in the middle of a busy market.

She goes on to save a young girl taken hostage by a bribe seeking police officer in the series'  first comic book released this summer.

Netizens on social media have welcomed the  comic; writing largely admiring reviews and calling for more  superhero stories in the future.

Pakistan Girl follows in the footsteps of the country's hit 2013 comic :

''The Burka Avenger'' which chronicled the adventures of a mild mannered teacher who fights gangsters  trying to close  down the girls' school where she works.  


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