Pineapple Art Prank

Students put an ordinary pineapple on an empty table in an art exhibition that people mistook for a real piece of art.

In May, Ruairi Gray and Lloyd Jack at the exibition in Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, put the store-bought pineapple and placed it on an empty table with title 'Pineapple'. Days later they returned and found their work protected by a glass display case and accepted as a work of art.

"I saw an empty art display stand and decided to see how long it would stay there for or if people would believe it was art," said Gray.

"I came in later and it had been put in a glass case - it's the funniest thing that has happened all year. My honours supervisor saw it and asked an art lecturer if it was real because he could not believe it."

Soon the work was analysed on art blogs, shared on social media, parsed in Paris, Texas and Tokyo; and even featured on Canadian television. Some admired its “genius,” while others ridiculed its banality. 

Jack also shared a photograph of the pineapple on Twitter which received nearly 5,000 likes.


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