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THE CRIMINAL TRIAL OF LEE JAE-YONG,...  who controlled Samsung, *one of the world's largest corporate empires*-

Had riveted South Korea, every corner of the world at large,   and  the World Students Society, most lovingly called, !WOW!,    since it began last spring. 

Leading up to the final verdict, just a few weeks ago, it is educating to see and understand the perceptions, the facts, and the reality unfold and compose itself into a verdict. 

Prosecutors have cast him as a master-mind bent on breaking the law to protect his family's wealth and immense power. He says he is a detached leader with little knowledge of the inner workings of his own companies.

And then his fate got to hang on which narrative a judge got to believe. But here is the story for your knowledge and case study,.... in the run up to a conclusion.

Mr. Lee, Samsung's de facto leader and the third generation of his family to run the sprawling conglomerate, when he got to face a verdict in a blockbuster bribery trial.

The accusations, which had already led to the impeachment of South Korea's former president, which have shaken the very economic foundation of most successful growth stories.

The prosecutors had suggest that Mr. Lee be sentenced to  12 years in prison.

Mr. Lee and his lawyers said that argued that he was innocent   -and that he did not know enough about Samsung or South Korean politics to commit the crimes he is accused of.

While Mr. Lee guided strategy and hammered out global alliances, he had very little involvement in the day-to-day operations, according to Samsung.

The Defense argued that the  prosecutors had failed to produce a smoking gun showing that he directly bribed anybody.  That argument in turn than got to put greater importance on Mr. Lee's personality and management style :

Was he smart, savvy operator?  Or a low-key, hands off and potentially naive manager?

Mr. Lee  -who is known as Jay. Y Lee in the West -has said he was naive.

''*In retrospect I had a lot of shortcomings and didn't take care of things that needed to be taken care of, and that's all my fault,'' he told the court earlier last month.

''It was my responsibility. I have no excuses.''

Prosecutors were under intense political pressure to win conviction. The South Korean public has soured on big companies like Samsung, which many believe are holding the country back and are funding political corruption.

Many top executives of those companies    -including Mr. Lee's father  -have been tried and even convicted of various crimes................ only to have their sentences commuted.  

Mr. Lee, the vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, has been the top leader of the  Samsung group of companies since its chairman and his father,  Lee Kun-hee, slipped into a coma three years ago.

While Samsung is famous for its smartphones and televisions, the Lee family also controls companies that make ships  and pharmaceuticals, issue credit cards and  manage hotels, among  many other businesses.

Like other rich  South Korean  families, the  Lees maintain control over the Samsung empire through a complex web of cross-share holdings between their companies rather than through controlling stakes.

Controlling stakes could expose heirs like Mr. Lee to steep inheritance taxes.

Prosecutors said Mr. Lee and top Samsung executives paid $38 million in bribes to maintain that control without paying taxes.

Mr. Lee arranged the bribes during their meetings with South Korea's former president, Park Geun-hye, beginning in late 2014, and they were paid to her confidant, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors also said that that the bribes were designed to win government support for a business deal that merged two Samsung controlled companies despite opposition from other shareholders.

Through a series of complicated shareholdings, that deal increased Mr. Lee's control of Samsung Electronics.   

Mr. Lee and his attorneys said the  payments were signed off on without his knowledge.

In terms of bribes, he told the court,  he mostly reads American and Japanese publications instead of South Korean news outlets, leaving him ignorant of which officials he would need to influence to begin with.

''I do receive a summary of daily news, but my work is mostly electronics and  I.T.''  he said during the trial, referring to..................... INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.

The Honor and Serving of the latest *Operational Research* on................ CORRUPTION, Management and Governance..... continues.

With great appreciation from the World Students Society for researcher and write Jeyup S. Kwaak, Seoul, and Paul Mazur. from Hong Kong.

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