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With that, as the World Students Society contemplates the significance of this very beautiful post : *Selfies -So Beautifully -Social* and Women International Day-

!WOW! wonders about the plight of women, not just in the developing world, but in the developed world as well, who have been socialized to play second fiddle, demure, passive, and seek neither cultural or political improvement......  

IN SOCIAL MEDIA ERA,  *SELFIES*  are for very sure, the very new Tupperware party. 

WELL GIRLS : Lash Boost has been a particular success for.....  Rodan & Fields. And sales of Lash Boost have been bolstered by testimonials on social media.

''I thought this is a product that will go viral because lashes make everyone look better,  particularly in pictures- .....That's why a lot of brides get them,'' said Katy Stoka, the creator of  magnetic lashes, known as One Two Lash

She added, ''Then it came in tandem with the obsession with the Selfie.'' 

Makeup, broadly, ''does so well on social  because it's very dramatic,'' said Larissa Jensen, a beauty industry analyst at  NPD Group.

Dr. Amy Newburger, a dermatologist who advised the United States Food and Drug Administration on a variety of products for more than a decade, said Lash Boost was similar to a state of-

Other enhancers that emerged after Latisse was introduced, which contains cosmetic, over-the-counter versions of the drug's active ingredient.

Based on its chemical makeup, it's ''not unique by any stretch of the imagination,'' she said.

''What is very effective is they have excellent marketing.''

Dr. Newburger added that such products can have a visible effect on Lashes and Eyebrows, but that she considers them-

''Unchartered territory'' because of the proprietary formulations each brand creates to achieve the results and the limited testing performed on cosmetics more generally.

BECAUSE LASH BOOST is a cosmetic and not a drug,  -the company is careful to avoid saying that it causes lashes to grow.

Instead, it uses language centered around appearance, promising ''fuller looking'' and ''longer looking'' lashes.

Consultants for  Rodan & Fields  are  given  dos and don'ts  for their social media posts that advise them in lighting,  as well as examples of  compliant language:

[''I have noticed longer-looking lashes'']  and noncompliant phrasing [My lashes are longer'']

Lesley Russo, of Raleigh, N.C., who started selling the company's products about two years ago, said she had seen an  especially enthusiastic response with the  lashes on  Facebook

''It grabs people's attention more because the eyes are front and center,'' she said. 

Ms. Russo said that she liked working with  Rodan & Fields partly because it was not a party-based   business and she could sell the product using social media and small outreach conducted from her couch.

[Some people involved in direct selling still go the tried-and-true route and set up parties where they demonstrate their products.]

Ms. Russo said many women use  Facebook to hold ''online parties'', where they will invite people to a page at specific day and time, and then post about the products.

Sometimes, they will also incorporate live videos. she said, adding. ''It's great because you can reach people all over the country.''

Of course, plenty of people have griped about the deluge of direct-selling overtures from friends and acquaintances on social media.

An improvisational comedy group composed of two mothers in Arizona made a popular video this month that poked fun at at the topic called, ''If You're my friend Than You'd Buy This.''

''Honestly, the two of us are sick getting all this information from we haven't heard from in years, where all they're interested in is making money off of us,'' said Michelle Fortin, half of the duo.

Still, she said,'' ''the before-and-after pictures are definitely eye-catching.''

In fact, Fortin said, her comedy partner had just bought Lash Boost and believed it was working.

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