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*IF YOU  -  IF YEE ALL  =   STUDENTS OF THE WORLD*     -care to stop and think and share, and the brightest amongst you have the ability to-

Help draw up *Historical World Conflict Index* and then you go about measuring the depth of your very own country's political discord, you will see  the insight, and the honor and depth of    !WOW!'s servings for humanity-

Merium? Rabo? Haleem? Saima?  Ambassador Malala [Nobel Prize] ? Eman/LUMS? Dee?     Seher Khan/Kings College,      Armeen/LUMS? Juniper/Japan? Lakhshmi/India?   Dantini/Malaysia? Zilli? ...............

Nearly everything is quantified  these very days : how much you work and contribute and  support The World Students Society, how much thinking and effort you are putting into your preparations for Global Elections-

And how much and what sacrifices you are making to Help Build a Better World?........

And then How much you eat, how much you exercise, how much time you spend at a Facebook post, at a !WOW! post, or reading an article.
In the age of Big Data, WHY not measure trends in........... political vituperation? 

In America, for example, they have begun building on the work of Professor Marina Azzimonti, formerly a research economist at the Philadelphia Fed and now an associate professor at  Stony Brook University .
For, See what's happening in America these very days and The monthly index peaked in March and remained at historically,  historically high levels.  

SCALING NEW HEIGHTS  -SCALING NEW PEAKS  :  WHAT exactly is EU doing about  Unaccompanied Refugee  Students?

THE BITTER TRUTH for you all is  -that the entire world is so dangerously divided that any understanding leading to some kind of a  political consensus appears to explode to shreds on almost daily basis.

Yet, two truths about the  state-of-the-world and politics can be demonstrated with some very hard numbers:

The First is that  all  conflicts, including partisan conflicts don't just seem to become more intense  year after year, this year; they have actually reached  very new levels of horrible nastiness.

The second is that like the Stock Market, nobody cares and gives a damn about the terrible dangers that loom and hang over your heads.

UNDER EVERY BLUE AND SPARKLING SKY, on every single day, the light of  The World Students Society shall always illuminate your path. 

So what is EU doing about unaccompanied refugee/students? ............... Thank God, that for most  EU leaders and governments, the focus is on stemming the numbers, not on names, Hopes and Dreams,  

''Human Rights are under threat across the  EU ,'' said O'Flaherty

''But the goodwill and support for the  vulnerable  in so many places around Europe should give us hope.  

We need to harness this positivity to ensure that Humans Rights  remain the bedrock of our societies. And we need to do much more to show that human rights are not just for a select few, but for everyone.'' 

The warnings come as beleaguered Italian officials have warned that they might that they might stop  NGO  vessels from disembarking rescued migrants on its territory after a recent surge in arrivals.

The measure would affect all  non-Italian flagged boats, except those operated by Frontex, the  EU's Border control agency, and  Sophia, an EU naval operation in the Mediterranean.

Italy has seen the arrival of  12,000  people in the past few days, pushing the figure so far this year to more than  80,000     - a double digit increase on the same period last years.

''This year we are witnessing levels never registered before in short periods of time,'' according to  Frontex director Fabrice Leggeri.

EU officials say that other countries in the bloc  ''must deliver''  help to Italy on the basis of recent decisions. 

But an EU scheme to redistribute  asylum seekers  from Greece and Italy has run into opposition from Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic which are refusing to take their share of the  ''burden''.

The European Commission has in fact taken the three states to court in order ensure their compliance with the decision to redistribute migrants more fairly across the bloc.

The   International  Convention  for the  Safety of Life  at Sea says people in distress must be rescued and put on shore  ''as soon as reasonably practicable'',  making Italy and its islands responsible for those leaving from Libya.

Experts say the ''Libyan route''  has attracted more people after EU states closed borders on the Western Balkan corridor and did a deal with Turkey to keep Syrian refugees from going to Greece.

The FRA symposium discussed the need for resettlement through private sponsorship schemes  [ such as those implemented in Canada -

The introduction of  child/student-friendly asylum procedures, the use of guardians and better reception and accommodation.

''These students/children  have names and dreams.'' said Frederik Malmberg, the Swedish Ombudsman for Students/Children.

But as the refugees and migrants keep coming to  European shores, for most EU leaders and governments, the focus is on stemming the numbers, not on names, hopes and dreams.

The World Students Society thanks most profoundly researcher and writer Shada Islam/Brussels for her high quality undertakings,    

With respectful dedication to all the Refugees, Leaders of EU, Students, Professors and Teachers and then the world. See Ya all on !WOW!   -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

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Good Night and God Bless

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