Headline July 02, 2017/ ''' VIEW.... -!WOW!- ....VOTE '''

 ''' VIEW.... -!WOW!&- ....VOTE '''

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''There are no evil thoughts except one : the refusal to think''. Yes! Ayn Rand is right. This is  Absolutely true. How?
* Don't  Get Addicted To Failures *  -  ''Be A Part Of Transformation''. 

It takes a shared vision to get from Concept to Reality. So time enough to learn from Yara Rodriguez Fowler and law Student, Charlotte Goldman.

And they make a startling discovery with a unique insight, that : 

*Tinder could take back Washington* : ''We used a  computer program to talk to young people / students  on the  dating app about the  U.K. election-
*The results were amazing*

The fact is that until we saw the exit poll,  which showed significant losses for the Conservative Party, we were  pessimistic.

When the election was announced, we prepared ourselves for a bloodbath. But like thousands of  young people/students , across Britain, we got to work.

This election campaign has been like no other,  Voters   have been more engaged online  than ever before. People aren't just posting  ''I voted''  as a status update,  they're sharing information-

*With each other on how to  VOTE  tactically in their area*

Meme-friendly graphics have condensed  200-page  manifestos into bullet points, helping people easily understand the  parties' policies.

SOCIAL MEDIA has also made  canvassing   more  inclusive. 

Several people who volunteered  with us  said our  bot  allowed  them to canvass despite physical or mental health conditions that prevented them from handling our leaflets.

Nathalie Wright, a  disability activist  and writer, said:

'I could do it in my own time on my own terms, as much or as little as I wanted.  This reflects a bigger shift this election,  where politics has been made more accessible and relevant to people who are usually marginalized.'

What We Have Learned?

At least Two Things : First, that in the weeks since this election was called, people on the  left   have come together,  Every single person in our team wanted   to beat the Tories, but we never discussed where exactly on the left we stood.

''This isn't unusual : All over Britain, progressive alliances have been cropping up. 

These groups, made up from activists from Labour, the Green Party and Liberal Democrats, campaigned together locally for whatever candidate was best placed to defeat the Conservatives, something unprecedented in Britain's highly partisan political culture.

After years of  the  Conservatives' austerity  program, which included cuts to housing, domestic violence services,  hospitals and schools, people became more willing to unite  against something.

*In the  United States, you might feel like all you do is talk, talk and disagree*.

But when it comes to beating  Donald Trump in 2020, leftists will have a level of anger that just couldn't be mustered after eight years of   President Obama.

Many, many voters had reservation about  Hillary Clinton   -many voters weren't sure about  Jeremy Corbyn, But many on the left will agree that Mr. Trump has to go. If you get together and get organized, you can win.

Secondly,   -and this is more speculative  

Tinder is a intimate medium   When you're on your way home from work and someone stops you in the street,  you're busy; You don't want to listen.

But on  Tinder,  people want to talk,  and they talk candidly.

It's not unusual to disclose a  taboo sexual  preference in an opening message. And the political is personal. A Pound 10   minimum wage is personal. So is universal healthcare.

Talking politics on  Tinder  works because your matches are waiting for you to say something personal to them.

And they are willing to listen.

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''' Excellence in Voting '''

Good Night and God Bless

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