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''' *iPHONE* iN iNVERSE '''

BEFORE ANYBODY OUTSIDE  Apple was aware of it, the project that would become the  iPhone, was referred to internally by the  code name *Purple*.

No one seems to remember exactly why ; it may have been named after a toy purple Kangaroo that belonged to one of the engineers.

PURPLE was so secret that even inside Apple hardly anybody knew anything about it. It was developed in a lab sealed tight behind  badge readers and a metal door.

Employees had to sign  N.D.A's  for their  N.D.A.'s.

The lab became known as the  Purple Dorm  because  people worked there around the clock. through weekends, holidays, vacations, honeymoons. They ate there. It smelled bad.

In fact, although it would eventually emerge as the  gleaming quintessence of the collaboration between the  Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and  Apple's design magus, John Ive, Purple could seem like a nightmare of overwork, insoluble technical tarballs and political infighting.

''You created a  *pressure cooker*  of a bunch of really smart people with an impossible deadline,  an impossible mission,    all then you hear   that the future of the entire company is resting on it,'' Andy Grignon,   one of the iPhone's key engineer, has said.

''It was just like this soup of misery.''      

The  Purple Dorm will no doubt one day be the setting of a taut claustrophobic drama by some future Aorin Sorkin.

If it does,  that drama may well be based on  ''The One Device :  The Secret History of the  iPhone,'' a new book by Brian Merchant, an editor at Mother-board,  the science and technology division of Vice.

Merchant does the  important work    of excavating and    compiling large numbers of details and anecdotes about the development of the iPhone, many of them previously unrecorded.

It's important because along with being splash, water and dust resistant, the iPhone is resistant to History.

The iPhone dwells among us, but it looks   -it's designed to look- as if it just moments ago entered our world from some higher, more ideal pane of existence. 

Just as its black face makes no compromise with the contours of the human skull, it's gleaming, lickable surface offers no clues about where and when it was made, or by whom, or how.
You can't  even open it  with a without a special proprietary screw driver called a Pentalobe.

This is an effect not just of the  iPhone's physical design but of the strange culture of reverence and secrecy that Apple has created around its products. 

*The  iPhone knows everything about us but we know very little about it*.

An example : multitouch, the technology that allows the iPhone's touch screen to track several fingerprints at once  -it's why you can pinch to zoom. Where does it come from? 

*Jobs always maintained that  multitouch  was invented at Apple. It wasn't*.

As Merchant  demonstrates, it was actually invented several different times, including in the  1960s at  England's Royal Radar Establishment and in the 1970s at CERN.

The specific multitouch technology that went into the iPhone was pioneered around the turn of the millennium by a man you've certainly not heard of named  Wayne Westerman.

A brilliant engineering Ph.D, at the  University of Delaware, Westerman worked on the  multitouch in part because he suffered from repetitive strain injury which made conventional keyboard interfaces agony,  

Apple acquired Westerman's company,Finger Works in 2005    -whereupon 
it and Westerman disappeared behind Apple's Titanium Curtain. The rest is, and isn't History.

[Apple wouldn't let  Merchant  interview  Westerman,  or any current  Apple employee, for   *The One Device*  Merchant did, with characteristic thoroughness, track down Westerman's sister].

The  iPhone  is designed for maximum efficiency and compactness. ''The One Device''  isn't.

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