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''' !GIRLS -*WILL BE*- BOYS! '''

*MIRZA ASADULLAH KHAN GHALIB*  : one of the all time greatest poets of every time,   delighting the world. with mastery and understand  on the intricacies of Silence  

*IN TIMES OF SADNESS, the disheartened just appeal to Thee.
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With every respect and honour for Associate Professor Mehr Afshan Farooqi/ Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Virginia.

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*TOTALLY HUMBLED*   -by all the   great honours   and respect and kindness,...... *that students from the entire planet have sent my way*.I hope to thank every single one of you.

*Proud Pakistan*  has never been so graciously  proud of its brave and heroic daughters and sons,  -for  the whole world is, as they set about looking at very complex and advance technologies, for !WOW!

Over a long period of time, and  in withered silence, I have been studying nuts and bolts and plumbing of Holograms: Trying to figure how to design SamSUN.  All that for !WOW!  -the World Students Society :  *Computers-Internet-Wireless*.

And then, over all these years, I just  kept posing one question to these technology geniuses : Rabo, Haleem, Saima, Hussain:   Show me an *open-source IDE*.  The best they could do was to keep naming Editors. 

This got me to get working my own. 

So, just very soon, I will email invitations to the following  original thinkers   and Technologists   Amin Malik/US, Technologist Imran Basit, Dr. Imran Bukhari  Technologist and Engineer  Ahmar Bari Khan/Apple, Dr. Masood Reza, Engineer and master critic Shahid Shakoor

Technologist and Engineers  Merium/Rabo/Haleema/Saima/Mustafa Imran, Technologist Faizan Masood & Hasaan Masood,   

Sarah/ Shahzaib Khan/ US, Dr. Auon/Canada. Technologist and Engineer/ Wasim Khan/Canada, and Faisal Khwaja/CEO/Axon. 

DRESSING UP  a daughter to pose as a son may benefit the family temporarily, but what effect does it have on the child herself?

For sure, in her masterly fiction work, that writer Nadia Hashmi paints a convincing portrait is surely, commendable. 

Although her American roots are reflected sometimes when the characters-  refer to groups of boys as ''guys''  or their mothers as ''moms'' 

Nevertheless, given that the text is supposed to be a translation of their actual speech, this is not too jarring.

The novel explores some interesting concepts of gender   -what does it really mean to be a boy or a girl?  Is it purely physical or also state of mind?

In traditional societies where gender roles are narrowly defined, is a confident, outgoing girl in danger of being considered manly, or is she likely to aspire to manhood? 

These are difficult questions to answer, and perhaps the novel's main weakness is that it does not explore them.

In fact, the main characters seem to transition fairly seamlessly into and out of defined gender roles;

It would have been interesting had the timeframe also been extended to more than just six months, to truly depict the transition from girlhood to boyhood, and back to young adulthood as a girl.

The limited time scale barely allows an exploration of the first transition, and leaves the second one largely to the imagination of the reader.

What is clear is that the baccha posh  characters in the book come to savour their new identities with few regrets.

The pleasure of combing through, long, lustrous manes, wearing pretty clothes and jewellery, and confiding in sisters are nothing compared to the pleasures of being mobile, unafraid, unrestricted and an obvious support to their families.

Boyhood is so obviously the preferred option that years of cultural conditioning as a girl appears to simply fall away with the donning of trousers and the haircuts. But is it really so simple?

the characters could have been a little more multidimensional. Similarly, Rahima's fate is inadequately unexplored, which is unsatisfying.

Although she is the main character in an another novel by the same author, here she is largely abandoned to a dark future with little insight into how she copes with the tragedy that confronts her.

This is not a very long novel and aimed at young adults   -probably another reason why the characters are not very complex.

Nevertheless, it is well-written, engaging and highlights a cultural practice that is little known internationally, but may have parallels in another cultures.

Certainly, preference for sons is not a central and South Asian phenomenon only, and manifests in a number of ways across societies.

The novel gives some insight into how a small section of Afghan society adopts to the constant pressure to have a boy child.

It would be to know if the practice extends into parts of Pakistan, or the Developing World   -perhaps some intrepid scholars or !WOW!  can investigate that.

For this 'operational research writing'  perhaps, Poet Abdul Qadir Bedil sums up best: 
Speech, even if it's entirely full of content and meaning, would still admit of addition or subtraction:

*Silence is a text from which no selection is possible*.

*With most respectful dedication: To All The Great Students Of The World*

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