Headline December 30, 2016/ ''' *VINT CERF* : AND !WOW! '''

''' *VINT CERF* : AND !WOW! '''

NOTHING COULD  EVER  delight  *Internet Inventor Vint Cerf*   more, -than the fact,  that the  World Students Society, most lovingly called- !WOW! is all set to *chase the Sun*.

!WOW! is the exclusive and complete ownership of every single student in the world. Archduke Vint Cerf, Sir : *One Share-Piece-Peace*.

But lest I proceed further and farther with this great man's wit and wisdom, some very stand up realities from me:
It's not always sunny skies and blue waters in paradise.

There are two photographs on my desk, of the same student, in South Africa. 

The first is the head of a small black boy .He is smiling. everything about his eyes and his face radiates intelligence, enthusiasm, excitement. It is a happy face full of promise.

In the second photograph, the photographer has moved back, so that you now see him full-length.

You see the shanty hut behind him, his bare feet and the excrement in which he is standing. 

*The two photographs maybe the symbol of our challenges today, not only in South Africa*.

*The intelligence and the promise are there, if we can only release them from the chains of their surroundings*.

It is a great honour  for !WOW! to repeat, Archduke Viton Cerf's *super philosophy*, yet  again-

People say to me:
''You invented the Internet. Why aren't you a billionaire?'' the answer is that I didn't think the Internet would happen if somebody promoted it with  a   for-profit motivation;

If it appeared that I was doing this for personal gain then then it would have been less credible to argue that you should use it, so I deliberately did not try to start a company to offer an internet service or anything else.

*It wouldn't have worked any other way* = !WOW!   

I've never felt insulted by:
Somebody asserting that I'm a geek, because I know I'm a geek.

I'm very curious about:
The way the universe works but I'm not prepared to say,'' And therefore somebody must have invented it.''

It's hard me to accept  that thesis  because so much can happen simply as a result of random events.

We still don't know enough to grasp where this universe came from. This is a long way of saying I am an agnostic.

I'm a huge fan of Wagner and Beethoven. I enjoy the massive pieces. My mother was a great proponent of classical music. We used to listen to the radio and guess the composer it was announced.

I've little interest in anything after about 1850. Even the Beatles never turned me on. I hope they're not insulted.

I don't claim to be:
A great cook but I do enjoy hanging around in the kitchen. I really like doing salads or soup from scratch, which is just fun. It's not the same as doing some of the more elaborate dishes.

I saw one recipe that involved filling a prune with a teaspoonful of plate before inserting it into the cavity of a goose. That is a very painstaking process.

On the Presidents I've met:
All of them starting with Jimmy Carter   -Clinton and Obama stick out in my mind as the most intellectually stimulating.

Clinton is incredibly smart and unbelievably personable. He has that ability to make you believe you're the only person in the room.

After the Christmas Party my wife said he was the biggest hugger on the planet.   

I started smoking:
A pipe when I was living in Germany in 1962 and I continued enjoying aromatic tobacco until about 1982 or so.

Then I realized that during the winter months my throat would become raw and I would lose my ability to taste wine. I didn't like that so I stopped smoking the pipe.

My wife and I:
Will celebrate our 50th anniversary this year. We've concluded that the reason we're still married is that I travel a lot as I'm never home long enough to get into much of an argument.

Being talked at is off-putting:
When I meet someone who insists on telling me everything they feel they need to say, without giving me some opportunity to respond. I find that boring.

I'm an optimist:
Some say pessimism's better because you're never disappointed but I have a positive outlook.

People should be trusted until they demonstrate otherwise. I tend to look on. and anticipate, the bright side.

So to sum up, it is just so fair to say that the Students hope lies in the unknown. If only we can find it.

The world is up for reinvention in so many ways. Creativity is born in chaos. What we do , what we belong to, why we do it, when we do it, where we do it these may all be different and they could be better.

Our societies, however, are built on case law. Change comes from small initiatives which work, initiatives which, imitated become the fashion.

We cannot wait for great visions from great people, for they are in short supply at the end of history.

It is up to us to light our own small fires in the darkness. Well, O''Students of the world : 
What say thee  and   What say Yee?

With most respectful dedication to the Leaders, Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!   -the Ecosystem 2011:

''' Present Perfect '''

Good Night and God Bless

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