Headline December 29, 2016/ ''' CHIEF INTERNET EVANGELIST ''' :*VINT CERF*



*THE EMPTY !WOW! TODAY*  -is to me, and to many, many Students, Professors and Teachers and even to many  Leaders of the world- 

*The very symbol of our times and our most pressing paradox*.  If progress of any kind means, that we become anonymous cogs-

In some very great machine, then this progress,  -O' dear world students, is an empty promise*:

Hello, Hello, Halo : Students-Engineers : Merium, Rabo, Haleema, Sarah, Saima, Dee, Nayab/Saudi Arabia,  Malala [Nobel Prize

Shahzaib Khan/US,  Hussain, Zain,  Mustafa, Vishnu/India, & Students: Eman, Ibrahim, Salar, Aqsa, Haider, Faizan, Hassan, Ali, Armeen, Amina, Maynah,  Ehsen-

Toby/China, Bilal, Jordan, Reza/Canada. Sanayia, Tooba, Maria Imran, Shahbano. Asim,  Danyial,  Rahym/UK,   Zaeem,  Hazeem,  Hannyia  & Merium/Ireland,    and  *All the Students of the World*

And *So With All Eyes Of The World On US, The World Students Society*, I now turn to the wit and wisdom of this great thinker, the great Icon of our times, *Internet Pioneer*, Vinton Cerf.  

''You invented the Internet. Why aren't you a billionaire? The answer is that I didn't think-

The Internet would happen if somebody promoted it with a for-profit motivation; if it appeared that I was doing this for personal gain then it would have been less credible to argue that you should use it-

So I deliberately did not try to start a company of offer an Internet service or anything else. It wouldn't have worked any other way: !WOW!

The name Vint is not that common:
It's short for Vinton. My father's name was Vinton, too. He was Big Vint and I was Little Vint.

I think people recognize that:
[That electrical engineer] Bob Kahn and I are the co-inventors of the basic Internet Design,  -the protocol that make it work and the  architecture  that goes with it.

Everything else after that has been the elaboration on those concepts. 

I'm likely to fail:
At anything that involves physical dexterity. I would not put me on the dance floor as a marvellous example of agility.

I've always had the secret aspiration:
A fantasy really   --to play Henry Higgins in  My Fair Lady. The trouble is that I don't have the ability to produce a convincing British accent, which I think is necessary for that role.

If you're interested in dessert wine:
There's nothing better than Chateau d'Yquem. Forget about how much it costs. It's worth it.

I belong to the Robert Morley [US- comedian] school of exercise:
This  school teaches you that if you feel the urge to exercise you should sit down and count to 100 until it goes away.

When I joined Google in 2005:
I was asked what title I wanted. I responded, ''How about Archduke?''

They said, ''Why don't you be our  !Chief Internet Evangelist?!''  So that's my title.

I met my wife:
When we were both 23 year old. She still looks about 35. I don't. ''Is this your second wife?''. One lady said, ''It's so nice of you and your daughter to come to our party.''
My wife thinks that's very funny.

Where did I grow up?
Well, I started in  Yale Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut,  in 1943, but after World War II ended my family moved to Los Angeles.

My father was in  personnel development, management training programmes and things like that for the aerospace industry.

He was a very successful academic. and so I felt compelled to do the best I could to match his achievements.

You learn very quickly: 
Not to take too much credit when your credits do well, so when they screw up you don't take too much blame.

Life without laughter:
Is just not worth living. I've never met a bad pun that I didn't like.

You should make no assumptions:
When you meet someone new. A vignette that emphasises this for me is being driven to a hotel in  Palm Springs  from the airport. I was in the fifties at the time.

The driver had white hair and looked like he was older than that. I thought, ''What a shame. This poor guy should be retired and here he is driving a limo.'' Later the conversation moved along to what he was doing in Palm Springs.  

It turned out that he was the retired  chief financial officer  of a major insurance company in Chicago who had got bored with playing  golf and decided to get a job as a limo driver to meet interesting people.

I'm very particular:
Wearing socks that match well with my suit. In fact sometimes I'll put on a pair of socks and that determines what suit I am going to wear.

When I was in high school:
I didn't want to look like everybody else so I wore a jacket and a tie and i carried a briefcase.

I guarantee you that in 1960 no other  17-year-old dressed that way. I was little less formal when I was at college. It wasn't ever T-shirts, though. Always a nice shirt and slacks.  

For many, many years:
Your body is your friend, and then all of a sudden it isn't.
The Honour and Serving of the great ''Operational Research'' on Icons the world over continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward and see you on the following one:

With most respectful dedication to Vint Cerf,  Google,  Students, Professors and Teachers of the world. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and Twitter-!E-WOW!  -the Ecosystem 2011:

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