Headline August 01, 2016/ ''' STUDENTS -*JUPITER*- SPECIAL! '''



ADDRESSING THE WORLD : HAPPY AND HONOURED TO REPORT TO YOU ALL,  that the deliberations at TOR  *Campside Logfire* continue.

The distinguished  *Life Long Members of the International Committee*, World Students Society,   -some of the finest, original, minds of the world, continue debating and formulating ideas, and novel ideas, and ticking all the boxes.    

*GLOWING PAKISTAN*  -the first historic, fleeting, and  conceptual host and  trustee of the World Students Society is a good, solid, 30 years off track on its infrastructure  needs.

While American scientists flirt and flower with the  outer-space, the Hosts here, battle UPS configurations, Inverters, and the students fend off,  a growing sense of despondency.

Branko Milanovic of the  City University of New York  correctly believes that every need and cost only perpetuates a cycle of globalisation. He argues that periods of global integration and technological progress generate rising inequality. Pakistan is faced with both.

In the context of the above,The Developing World, will have to fathom these two  countervailing forces, one beneficial and one harmful.

On one hand governments tend to respond to rising inequality by increasing redistribution- And investing in education; on the other  inequality leads to political upheaval and war. As simple as that.

The first great era of gobalisation, which ended in 1914, gave way to a long period of declining inequality, in which harmful countervailing forces played a bigger role than beneficial ones. *History might repeat itself, he warns*. 

Open and shut on that, as back in space, shockwaves continue.

NASA EXPECTS THE CRAFT'S  visible-light  camera and infra-red instruments to endure for eight orbits or so.

Its microwave sensor is rated for 11. Then, in February 2018, when its circuits are on their last legs,it will fire its engine one final time, propel itself into the Jovian atmosphere and destroy itself  -a fate already suffered by Galileo.

NASA is required by law to ensure that there is no chance any hardy Earthling microbes could hitch a ride to the Jovian moons  -especially Europa, which is thought-

To have beneath its icy surface a liquid water ocean that might conceivably support life. Juno's  immolation  will avoid any possibility of contamination in the future. 

All of this drama is to serve the study of a planet that remain mysterious. Last time, with Galileo,  ''we learned enough to realise that we don't understand a lot of things'', says Scott Bolton, an experimental physicist who is the  Juno  mission's chief.  One particular mysterious thing is Jupiter's origin.

Jupiter belongs to a class of planets called gas giants. [Saturn is another such, and many more have been identified in planetary systems surrounding stars other than the sun]. 

Researchers know that it was formed from the same primordial cloud of hydrogen and helium {with a scattering of other heavier elements} as gave birth to the sun. But how exactly this happened is unclear.

A  theory called  ''core accretion''  holds that rocky core formed first, assembling itself under the influence of gravity from dust grains, then pebbles, then boulders and so on.

Once this core acquired sufficient mass, it began attracting hydrogen and helium from the primordial cloud, and would have enough gravity to hold onto  them, 

If this view is correct, Jupiter might be thought of as a rocky planet similar in a way to Earth, but with an absolutely humongous atmosphere. The core accretion theory, though, has a timing problem.

Light exerts pressure, and the pressure of light from the infant sun should, calculations suggest, have driven off most of the hydrogen and helium of the primordial cloud before Jupiter had a chance to grab it.

The Honour and Serving of the latest operational research on ''Universe & Science''  continues. Thank Ya all for reading and sharing forward. And see you on the next  *lightening* write up that follows.

With respectful dedication to the  Students, Professors and Teachers of the World. See Ya all on !WOW!  -the World Students Society and !E-WOW!  --the Ecosystem 2011:

''' !WOW! is Rare '''

Good Night and God Bless

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