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The minimum-security prison is encircled by concentric layers razor-topped fencing and fortified guard towers. Among the prisoners are four of the unlikely masterminds. All four then 22, children of privilege, products of elite Lexington high schools. They are all serving seven year sentences for their part in the crime.

They are all slim and dressed identically in cheap sneakers and khaki uniforms emblazoned with their incarceration numbers, and all have their hair down to their shoulders but each has a different style of facial hair   -muttonchops (lipka), a Fu Manchu (Borsuk). Because the boys pleaded guilty, many of the case's crucial details remain unknown.

On the morning  of December 17, 2004, Betty Jean Gooch, a Librarian in Transylvania University, in Lexington, Kentucky was preparing to receive the visitors who had requested.  -to view a first edition of Charles Darwin's  ''On the Origin of Species'' and four double size folios of John James Audubon's Birds of America.  

From the facts that got available later, it appeared that a team of four men, described as Caucasian, in their 20s, had stolen some of the most prized books and manuscripts in the university's collection. The take could be more than $5 million. The thieves left no fingerprints behind, and there were almost no witnesses.

When the four boys were arrested the news was met with total disbelief, as none of them had been any serious trouble before. Far from being social outcasts, they had been popular athletes, and two were on some form of scholarship. The press invariably described them as ''good boys'' from ''good families''   -upper middle class kids afforded every opportunity, the ones with the most to lose.

There were all sorts of theories as to why they had done it: they were drug addicts; they had amassed large gambling debts? By far the most common theory around town was that the heist had been just a frat prank that spun way out of control.

Spencer Reinhard and Warren Lipka had grown up together. In high school, Warren. was a popular jock and the classclown who delighted his classmates by bear-hugging his nemesis, the dean of students, at graduation. Spencer, meanwhile, was short, wiry, distant, and Warren's opposite, an over-scheduled, over-achieving, a diamond tipped drill of a kid who excelled at whatever he set himself to. He focused above all on painting, gaining admission to the prestigious Lexington arts program.  

Despite the differing temperaments, and the disapproval of Spencer's parents,  -the two were the best friends from the eight. Though they attended different high schools, both were varsity captains, and both made all-state. However, in the fall of 2003, Warren left for the university of Kentucky on a full athletic scholarship, with a vague plans of getting into politics.

Spencer, meanwhile was accepted to Transylvania on an arts scholarship, his sights firmly set on a career in graphic design. And across town at U.K., in a towering cinder block dorm, Warren's world was spinning apart at a much faster clip. This how he put it :

'' It was very punishing, that first couple of month's at college. Not what I expected. Not what I wanted it to be. I want to say living that kind of life  -the country clubs, sitting in classroom and listening to two girls argue about turning down a BMW S.U.V because she wanted a new Range Rover, like, what?? These people's perspectives because they have money, they're tweaked.''

The plot dear readers develops and thickens.. Don't miss the following posts. See the Masterminds plan! Watch how these highly motivated and intelligent students form up for execution.

Respectful dedication to both Crime and Punishment. The world would be one hell of a boring place without the either!!

See you lads out of the cooler and on !WOW!  The rest of the world, just don't miss viewing the film : Reservoir Dogs. 

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