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For a moment, just listen, read and remember the paragraph that follows below:

''Take these responsibilities seriously. Stand up for your generation and those that follow. Protect the future from parochialism, partisanship and paralysis of the present. Participate, speak up, and lead every nation and the world to future you deserve. I will be working alongside you..............''

This is a great honor to quote the above mentioned passage. This the President of a great university talking to the graduating class:

But for know, I avail myself of the honor to announce the names of the following students for provisional registration at !WOW!: World Students Society Computers-Internet-Wireless.


0074/Hamza Salman/ 502 Model College.

0075/Faisal Mustafa/Islamic University Bhawalpur.

0076/Sidra Shamraiz/International Islamic University

0077/Hassan Pitaffi/ Cadet College Petaro.

0078/Ghulam Jillani/University of South Asia Lahore.

0079/Ahsen Naeem/Punjab College of IT.

0080/Zainab/International Islamic University.

0081/M Ayaz Meer/University of Gujrat 

0082/Mohammed Irfan/Szabist

0083/Nisar Khan/Gomal University.

0084/Bilal Haider/D.A.Degree College.

0085/Adnan/Preston University.

0086/Ume Hani/HITEC University/Taxila.

0087/Qaisar Nazeer/College of Polymer Engineering.

0089/Abdul Rauf Laiquat/ CASE University.

0090/Iftikhar Ahmed/NUST University.

0091/Kamal/University of Jamshoro Sindh.

0092/M Athar Ali/HITEC University Taxila

0093Asad Ameen/NFC IET Multan

0094/Shoaib Ullah/Islamia College Peshawar.

0095/Zia Sarwer/Foundation University.

0096/Muhammed Talha Jawed/ University/NED

0097/M Nouman Siddique/FAST University.

0098/Shahzaib Altaf/Allama Iqbal Open University

0099/Tameem Akhtar/FAST

0100/Bilal Amjad/FAST

0101/M Aqeel Ashraf/NUST


0103/Inshirah Nasir/Siddiq Public School Rawalpindi

0104/Farih/MUET Telecom

0105/Zia Sarwer/Foundation University


The University President's  Address  continues to the graduating class::

''In the course of all this activity, you have come to know yourselves more completely. These pleasure are now giving way to a new set of challenges and opportunities as you explore the world that is all before you .............

Its not an easy world out there. We need your engagement and your leadership to make it all happen.''

Lastly, the above mentioned students are advised to read up the terms of reference and rules published in all earlier post of ''provisional registration'' and comply accordingly.
With respectful dedication to President Richard C. Levin/ Yale University.

Good Night & God Bless!

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