Headline Feb15, 2013

'''The First Draft of : STUDENT HISTORY''' :

 !WOW! !WOW! !WOW!

At the height of Athenian Democracy  -just to give you one example from the march of civilization-  when a speaker arose to address the assembly, he was obliged to don a wreath of laurel leaves. In this modest way, he publicly acknowledged both the singular honor and the responsibility associated with citizenship!!
It is now the hope of the entire Universe that !WOW!  -'''World Student Society of Computers-Internet-Wireless'''- will revive such a civic and civilized consciousness!

Ladies and Gentlemen, World Leaders, Professors and Teachers, Parents and Grand Parents, Friends, Foes and enemies, the great Students of the world, now invite you to lend total and unconditional support to !WOW! to help encourage spaces of student assembly, deliberation, and debate, where students could learn the arts of persuasion,  -which require that individual opinions be justified by an appeal to the common good.

We, the World Student Society,  must do everything in our power to ensure that Computers-Internet-Wireless do not remain a tiny side-show in relation to the information space at large.
Without naming names, as all of you are just so very bright,remember that, ''in the battle between technologically possible and the economically attractive, economics always wins.
Never ever forget that.

And with that I honor Afghanistan and Angola and welcome both the countries to !WOW!
The following students have been cleared for a provisional membership:

1, Afghanistan/000-01/Omaid Kawous.
2. Afghanistan/000-2/Rajan
3. Angola/000-01/David Manuel

All of the above students to confirm back with an email. Omaid and Rajan to join up for the contribution to content for Sam Daily Times.

So, !WOW! begins it roll. Therefore it may be appropriate for me to reaffirm that till the General Body meets and takes over, I will ensure that we respect the due process, rule of law, every judicial oversight, and every other happening that is transparent and accountable.

In the end, I allow myself the honour to dedicate this post to Professor Khalid Mughal, University of Bergen, Norway. The world at large learnt much from him. So did I.
Professor Khalid delighted the world and students with advance Java. We hope to have him and all his students join up on !WOW!

Best wishes for students of Norway!

Good Night & God Bless

SAM Daily Times - the Voice of the Voiceless


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