Headline August 7th, 2012 / Right Now The Industry Is Set Up To Grow Cancer And Alzheimir's!

"Right Now The Industry Is Set Up To Grow Cancer And Alzheimir's!"

The solution that McDonough has in mind is a five-year car that allows for industry to 'transform the technology' at high speed toward the Cradle to Cradle concept. The five year car is a car whose materials are all coherent and tagged. 

In fact all materials in the car have 'passports.' So we know where they come from, and we know where they are going -back to the automakers - after five years of utility, so the car could be recycled and updated with the latest in safety and efficiency. 

All done with the same -in effect- lease from the auto company. They keep making the cars out of the same stuff. But in order to pull this very brave and bold step off, we need a huge amount of R and D- and that too very fast. 

For only then we can produce gut remodeling of industry so that the system will become so well designed that there is no need to restrain industry. Regulation is a sign of design failure. With expertise and focus things can be designed so well that there is no need for regulations. 

How about cars that spew out good emissions? Factories that make clean water. Then growth is good. Then the question becomes: What do we want to grow? Right now the industry is set to grow Cancer and Alzheimer's.

So are the government and industry willing to sign on to that as the right kind of job creation program? If so, we clearly need an alternative plan! The first sweeping change calls for is to have is to have solar energy brought to scale: which is generally accepted as a viable plan. 

The idea is to see solar power cheaper than coal. Then the forces of the market will deliver us a solar powered world. But we are not just talking about solar collectors on our roofs, explains McDonough. Think of square miles of marginal land covered with them. 

The order of magnitude that we have to scale up to is immense. So can we achieve it? Of course we can!! In U.S. alone we make over a trillion parts every year. We do very complicated things. When we think about how simple it could be make solar collectors -flat sheets in the sunshine- this is not a complex thing, to capture solar energy. 

So McDonough since many years, has started getting into some weird, unexpected areas. Like, helping design colonies on the Moon and Mars! And just today, the American Spacecraft, landed on Mars! Amazing achievement for the World! Stay tuned.

Good night & God bless! 

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