Spike Scores Higher Over Other iPhone External Keyboards

Not more than a week ago when I was searching for a Bluetooth enabled iPad compatible keyboard I also looked for ones for my iPhone 4S. What I came across were some nice and sleek keyboards but they still could have made my smartphone look bulkier if had bought.
Spike might become a right choice for me once I find it functional in my hands, but by its looks and claims it seems to me the best deal in the market yet. It is a non-Bluetooth keyboard appeared on Kickstarter that attaches itself on iPhone 4/4S’ virtual keyboard, and folds back to the attached case with its asymmetrical 360 degree hinge.
Its maker, SoloMatrix, claims to have spent over two years in the development of Spike that with its less than ¼ inch thickness maintains the slim factor of your iPhone.
With a target of $75000 on Kickstarter the first shipment is expected in this October. Pledge $25 or more to have your piece.


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