7 Keyboards to Die For

One of the most essential gadget that these tablets lack is the keyboard. The tactile satisfaction that one draws from pounding keys can never be achieved by those capacitive/resistive touchscreens. The clickity clack of the keys makes typing a surreal experience, exactly what its supposed to be, right?
Das Keyboard:  If you want some serious geek cred, you must get your hands on this one. They have not labelled the keys because you of course know where key is; you have typed more than you have talked in your life. And it’s so intimidating for the masses and they totally do not realize that it lets you type at lightening speed.
das keyboard 7 Keyboards to Die For
Asus EeeKeyboard PC: Yes, as the name suggests, it is not just a keyboard, it is a functional PC with a 5”, 800×480 pixel multi touch display screen, and it also connects with any HDTV, monitor or projector.  It is equipped with an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB on an SSD and a Windows Xp OS.
asus 7 Keyboards to Die For
Steampunk Keyboard: Now this one is no technological advancement but just a piece of beauty that I would sure want to own. This one was handcrafted from a normal keyboard by Jake von Slatt. The makingitself is fascinating.
steampunk1 7 Keyboards to Die For
Scrabble Keyboard: Because the game deserves to be made into a gadget. This one is also handmade and can be ordered.
scrabble1 7 Keyboards to Die For
The One Keyboard: Especially for those who keep switching between a regular computer and a tablet. With one touch you can change the destination of the input, so you don’t have to stop work (or your game) to answer an SMS or email. Can be connected to 2 external devices via USB and wirelessly to another. This is pure awesome-ness.
The one1 7 Keyboards to Die For

Cool Leaf: Now this one was so great that we have to let of our tactile fascination with keys. This is actually a  large mirror with touch sensitive input sensors. It is so futuristic, it’s captivating.
coolleaf kawasaki2 7 Keyboards to Die For
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G510: This list cannot be complete without a gaming keyboard. This one has a GamePanel LCD which keeps you informed about notifications, players, server info and much more. The keys are back-lit of course but you can also change the color to match with the rest of your gaming gear.
gaming keyboard g510 7 Keyboards to Die For


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