LEDs Are Greentech For Future

Time has gone when one had to be an electrician or qualified enough in Ohm’s laws to make correct use of LEDs. Today the technology usage is as simple as turning-on a bulb’s button.
An LED (light-emitting diode) emits the visible light when electricity is applied, much like a bulb. It is a semiconductor light source that comes in various wavelengths such as Infrared and UV.
Is LED Better?
Yes for a number of reasons. Their life span is one vital point where they head the traditional lighting sources. Life of 30,000 hours as compared to the 750 hours of an incandescent light bulb is certainly attention grabber.
Furthermore, their plastic construction is much more durable along with the small size as compared to glass bulbs.
However, the biggest advantage of light-emitting-diodes over incandescent bulbs is their ability of being energy efficient. Their faculty to produce light without heat saves all the energy that goes into heating filaments for incandescent bulbs.
An LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution that has been worked on so far, and it comes cheap too. Many office setups have started to switch to install them as it saves them lots of money but their commercial take over is years ahead as the technology still needs improvement.


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