Arduino Based Kites To Monitor Air Pollution In Beijing

Float Kites e1343085727550 Arduino Based Kites To Monitor Air Pollution In Beijing
What is air pollution, if you ask this question from the Chinese government it would refuse to answer. Why? Because it tends to hide the facts about how much the air is contaminated in Beijing due to the pollution caused by over 5 million vehicles and factories’ fume.

Beijing has been severely criticized by World Health Organization because of its high level of particular matter. Students from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and Carnegie Mellon University have launched a project, Float, to monitor the air quality in Beijing.

Kites with Arduino based pollution sensing modules, will be released in the air that will inherit LEDs to signal (with its Red, Yellow, Green) the level of pollutants up there. The project is not only an act of science but also of art, which would exhibit a charming sight as well as serving the major cause.

Albeit, the local government has never appreciated such movements or project it still has crossed its expected fund-raising at Kickstarter, from $2,500 to $44,559.

Xiaowei Wang and Deren Guler, two minds behind Float, have relied on a kitemaster from Henan to make them a prototype with which they will be launching the first workshop on July 28.


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