Headline July 29th, 2012 / Russia's Hard Master!

"Russia's Hard Master!"
'President Vladimir Putin'

Richard Palmer, the former C.I.A Russia Chief of station is a uniquely gifted specialist. After retiring, he served as a consultant to Russian banks. To help you with a context and a perspective on this ''awesome'' post, let me tell you about the testimony Richard Palmer gave to the House Committee on Banking and Financial Services in 1999. 

Palmer, who ran Cachet, an international due-diligence-and-Asset-recovery business had spent a decade studying Russian Financial and organized crime. This is his chilling analysis of what Putin then faced in attempts to impose a ''dictatorship of law.'' 

For the United States to be like Russia is today, it would be necessary to have massive corruption by the majority of the members of the Congress as well as by the Departments of Justice and Treasury, and agents of the F.B.I. C.I.A, D.I.A. and I.R:S, Marshal Service, Border Patrol, state and local police officers, the Federal Reserve Bank, Supreme Court Justices, U.S. District Court Judges, support of the varied Organized Crime Families, the Leadership of the Fortune 500 companies, at least half of the Banks in the U.S. and the New York Stock Exchange. 

This cabal would then have to seize the gold at Fort Knox and the Federal Assets deposited in the entire banking system. It would have to take control of the Key Industries such as oil, natural gas, mining, precious and semi-precious metals, forestry, cotton, construction, insurance and banking industries and then claim these items to be their private property. 

The legal system would have to nullify most of the key provisions against corruption, conflict of interest, criminal conspiracy, money laundering, economic fraud, and weaken tax evasion laws. 

This unholy alliance would then have to spend about 50% of its profit to bribe officials that remained in government and be the primary supporters of all of the political candidates. Then, most of the stolen funds, excess profits and bribes would have to sent off-shore banks for safekeeping.

The working class section of St. Petersburg is filled with debris all around and gives no hint of the city's shabby grandeur. But housed there in a beat-up building behind a turbine factory is the sports club that helped Form so much of Vladimir Putin's discipline, character and leadership qualities. 

That is where Putin was trained to become a champion in sombo and judo! So with many thanks to !WOW! and with a reminder to you all to keep abreast of the posts that follow where we cover the Triumphs and the Agony and the Grace!

Good night & God bless!

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