Google chief declares war on international criminals

By Jahanzaib Bin Liaquat
Correspondent, SAM Daily Times

THOUSAND OAKS —Google chief Eric Schmidt declared war on international criminals, vowing to harness technology to battle “illicit networks” around the world. At a two-day summit including Interpol, government ministers and victims of forced labor and child slavery, Schmidt said the Internet can help fight traffickers of drugs, sex workers and organs.

International police body Interpol used the conference to unveil a pioneering initiative to crack down on trade in fake goods, using an app developed with the help of search giant Google.

Schmidt said, in a connected world, vulnerable people will be safer, trafficking victims can learn their rights, can find opportunities; organ harvesters can be named and brought to justice. Connection protects us...

Together we can use technology to protect the world, Juan Pablo Escobar, the son of infamous former Colombian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar, joined the conference via Skype.


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