Headline June 25th, 2012 / "Weaponizing The Sky"

''Weaponizing The Sky''

Just not surprisingly, military men then took on a similar approach to the clouds. The first of these visionaries emerged in the U.S. when Pentagon assumed control of the original weather experiments after GE was frightened away. America's Cold Warriors proceeded to pump fortunes in cloud seeding research, in the hope of weaponizing the sky. 

In the fight against Communism, the dream was to enlist the atmosphere on the American side. Tactically, the weather could then be deployed on command, whether to improve conditions for American forces or devastate the enemy formations by unleashing the full biblical fury of storms. 

Also attractive was the idea that artificial rain could be used as a battlefield delivery system for chemical and biological agents. Dear, dear me!! Some thinking, that!! So the best dreams of all were strategic. It did not go unnoticed that the U.S. held Western Europe in its grasp, an upwind position from which it might launch deluges and droughts to ravage the Soviet economy. 

Given the pent-up power of the atmosphere, a sustained weather strike could dwarf even all out Nuclear Attack, yet ''be difficult to trace and so could most easily be deniable.'' Beyond this lay the possibility that the very climate of the globe might be altered to American advantage!! Hahaha! Evidence??! 

Well, according to James Fleming, the pre-eminent Historian of such matters, the first head of the U.S. Strategic Air Command, General George Kenney, declared in the late 40s that no less was at stake than the domination of the World!! 

And Progress like this takes time, but the Air Force had patience, and in 1967, after 20 years of research, it made the first move towards operational weather warfare by launching an ultra secret program to unleash rain on North Vietnamese supply convoys coming down the braided tracks of Ho Chi Minh Trail. The operation involved seeding the monsoon thunderstorms with silver iodide. 

It was believed by the flight crews to be successful, though it is hard to see how they could have known, given that the operation took place during the monsoon and over an enemy controlled territory. In a sideshow the Airforce also once tried to rain on a Buddhist demonstration in Saigon. 

By 1972, when the main operation had ended the great American Press caught wind, and the turmoil of the time developed: the Pentagon Papers, the ant-war movement, the Watergate affair, the hippies and environmentalists, the first Earth Day, the whole pious mess! Haha! 

In July, 1972, the U.S. formally ''rennounced'' weather modification as an instrument of War! It was a sad occasion for Air Force patriots. Leaving aside for now the dream of World domination!? But then, but then what was wrong with raining on people you were burning anyway with Napalm strikes and hitting with heavy bombs?? 

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