Commuters' tolerance tested in face of declining public manners

(Tokyo, Japan) A survey of 200 adults was conducted to consider the many ways in which rail passengers show lack of consideration toward their peers. 133 said raucous conversations were the most objectionable—- voiced by two thirds of all respondents. This was followed (with multiple replies given) by poor manners when boarding and disembarking (129); inconsiderate sitting posture (128); noise emanating from headphones (116); anything involving inebriation (104); conversing on cell phones (98); eating and drinking on the trains (90); perfume or other strong odor (82); reading, use of cell phones, playing games or other activity that intrude on others’ space (81); and females putting on their makeup (71).

Some elderly passengers have been known to burst out, loudly ranting at the source of their annoyance.

The task of attempting to bring order to the chaos falls mainly on station personnel. According to a survey by the association of private railways, reported cases of violence against station attendants leaped from 183 in 2007 to 236 the following year. Of the 229 incidents in 2011, alcohol was a contributing factor in 75%.


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