Coldplay LED wristbands keep glowing 'days after gig'

The glow-in-the-dark devices created for the band’s live performances – known as Xylobands – usually die after the concerts.
However, fans have reported that the bands, which have been given out for free to more than a million fans, have started flashing again of their own accord several days after the event.
In theory the bands, which create a dramatic effect at Coldplay gigs, cannot be reactivated after the shows end. However, fans have been writing on the group’s web forum page about them doing just that.
One concert-goer called Denise wrote: “My Xyloband woke me up in the middle of the night and it's still glowing."
Another added: "Really weird, my dad's white Xyloband just started flashing again." A Belgian fan added: "Mine is alive! It started flickering about an hour ago."
It is believed the only way to stop the glowing is to jamming a pencil clip into the band.
The Xylobands use ultra-low-power microcontrollers to receive and process wireless signals that trigger the wristband's LEDs to light up in sync with Coldplay’s music and stage lights show.
Clive Banks, who is the co-founder of RB Concepts (the company behind the bands), told The Independent that the "afterglow" is no cause for concern. "There's no mind control or tracking, they are just for fun," he said.
The devices may be activated by their proximity to a Coldplay concert. "Our record transmission is 2km," Mr Banks said. "It depends on buildings but they have quite a range in a straight line. There might be some faulty units going off."(Telegraph)


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