Anonymous hits Euro 2012 site over Ukraine dog slaughter

Online activists with Anonymous said they took out a site associated with the Euro 2012 games in Ukraine to protest the country's rounding up and slaughter of stray dogs in advance of the soccer championship that started there today.

The account for YourAnonNews tweeted: "#OpUkraine?: Revenge for your Animal Holocaust: http://www.kieveuro2012.org ==>> TANGO DOWN!! | ?#Euro2012? via @AnonOpsLegion| ?#Anonymous? ?#Ukraine?"

However, the site appeared to be back up as of midday Pacific Time. Distributed denial-of-service attacks that shut down Web sites are Anonymous' tool of choice in its ops, or operations. The activists have targeted a host of companies and governments over issues ranging from human rights to online privacy and civil rights.

The Ukraine government has been criticized for conducting mass killings of dogs found in the streets in an attempt to clean up the city ahead of the soccer event, over the past year or more. Ukraine officials said last November that they would stop the killings, but recent photos and video appear to show that the slaughter has not stopped.

Tens of thousand of dogs, including some wearing collars indicating they are pets, reportedly have been poisoned, shot or thrown into incinerators alive. YouTube video from October from the RussiaToday site is here. Warning: images are disturbing.

Source: cnet


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