HEADLINE DEC 13,2011 / Students, Shame & Sorrow

An early morning, Police raid found over 50 students chained in a religious school in the outskirts of Karachi. It is beyond belief to determine that this state had been going on for close to two years. Most of the chained students complained of every kind of abuse in their statements to the press and the police. The whole episode is so appalling that no human can easily conceive it. How come no neighbourhood complained of such 

activities ? Surely there must have been a lot of coming and going. If 50 students decide to scream, it certainly can scream a lot of attention. Where were the students' parents in this two years period ? Why did they not contact their children in this period. Where exactly were the authorities ? How many more such religious schools have similar structures ?

The whole nation and all the students community has been deeply disturbed by this disclosure. Every single one of us can only hang our heads in shame and sorrow !

Pakistan has over 300 billionaires. Where is their individual and collective conscience ?


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