How Daylight Saving Time Can Promote Tourism

Daylight Saving , an attempt by governments to save energy using measures like 'modifying clock timings' or 'changing office hours', are experienced through out the world through March to November , generally. In recent studies, it has been suggested that , apart from an efficient mode of energy-saving, DST shall also serve as a means of promoting tourism. The idea presented is that, while  energy would be saved during the day , more of it shall be available for late hours (evening and night time) , when people prefer leaving their houses to visit parks and other attractions.

"In a nutshell, it would extend the spring and fall shoulder seasons for the tourism industry," said Kurt Janson, policy director at the Tourism Alliance, a lead organization in the United Kingdom's Campaign for Daylight Saving. "There would be more usable daylight in the evening hours, when people are out and about and attractions are open."

Info collected from NatGeo


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