Alicia Keys Charity Work Against HIV/AIDS

Alicia Augello Cook better known by her stage name "Alicia Keys" is a 31 year old accomplished American singer, songwriter, actress and music producer raised by a single mother in Manhattan, New York. She became 11-time Grammy Award winner at the age of 27 and accomplished with more than 30 million albums sold worldwide, since 2001.

Alicia is a devoted AIDS activist, she along with Leigh Blake, longtime AIDS activist and film/TV producer, co-founded a non-profit organization Keep a Child Alive (KCA), a people’s movement that provides life-saving AIDS medicine and surrounding care to children and families in Africa and India. The organization also provides support to AIDS orphans left behind to keep the most vulnerable children out of harms way.

On this World AIDS Day, which takes place this Thursday, December 1st, Alicia will be airing her latest documentary on the subject Keep a Child Alive With Alicia Keys.

"Helping keep a child, or mother, or father or brother or sister alive means turning the worst epidemic of our lifetime into the greatest victory of our generation.” said Alicia in an article for CNN


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