Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Pose Resistance To Girl Students' Dressing

Beit Shemesh, ISRAEL: As the students of Orot Girl's Elementary leave for home accompanied by their parents , groups of ultra-orthodox Jewish men wait for them, shouting insults and pelting them with stones and tomatoes. This is a scene witnessed by many on a regular basis outside the gates of the all-girls school, since the start of the new term this year. The protesting men, all attired in the usual garb of black long-coats and broad-rimmed hats, seem to think that the girls are defiling the sanctity of their neighbourhood; an obvious reference to the way they dress!
The impact this has had on the girls, aged between 6 and 12, is tremendous. There is a general feeling of insecurity and students are afraid of going to school, with many ending up being abused.


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