Students of IIUI protest against death sentence of assassin Salman Taseer

Our Correspondent

Few Students of International Islamic University Islamabad protested against the death sentence awarded to Mumtaz Qadri in former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer’s murder case.

The protest caused a great inconvenience to the Students and Teachers of university, as the road was blocked and traffic of all kinds was suspended.

Many Students regretted wastage of another academic day. One of the students said:
"Once again strike in IIUI. Another academic day has spoiled. I have been to university even I don't see a single person belonging to those who organized the strike people doesn't know that why it is strike? I couldn't find yet that what kind of administration we have? it is quiet depressing that some students of IIUI are keen to darken their own future and others as well by closing the university. Have you ever thought that why universities are made? if u think that you are struggling for a right cause then adopt any other method. It is quite depressing...."
Many others had the same view.
God bless you all!!


  1. Ali Hassan3/10/11 6:38 PM

    If they were eager to protest against the decision, they should had demonstrated it in front of Court, Parliament etc. Whats the use of strike in University for this issue? Just wastage of time and money of student.
    I wish we could understand the value of Time.


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