Singaporeans are Addicted to Facebook the Most!

There is a study released about how much time people spend using Facebook by Hitwise in different countries. Singaporeans are on the top of this list. They use Facebook for on average of 38 minutes and 46 seconds per session. In Brazil people spend an average of 18 minutes and 19 seconds per session. These results were collected in August 2011.
After Singapore come New Zealand at the second number with 30 mins and 31 secs, then Australia with 26 mins and 27 secs, UK 25 mins and 33 secs and in the last USA with 20 mins and 46 secs. Highest percentage of visit to social networking sites goes to Brazil with 18.9% of the entire internet used. In Brazil, Google-owned Orkut holds the highest visited social site with the total of 43% of all social sites. While in UK this rate is the lowest with only 12.2% internet users visit social sites.

As we talk about USA, Facebook was the highest visiting social site with 91% and other sites include Twitter with 1.92%, Tagged.com being 3rd in place receiving 1.04% leaving behind MySpace.
India is also getting up in the list of visits to Facebook. It has a market share increased to 88% in August 2011 as compared to the August 2010. USA’s market share from Facebook also increased 5% every year.
Facebook is growing very fast everyday with the fact from Facebook that over 500 million members used Facebook in a day. It seems to be a record attain by facebook. In July there are record numbers of visitors to Facebook was seen.



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