Pakistan’s spending on education lowest: World Bank

It is heart rendering to know that Pakistan Government does not pay special attention towards this factor. Green data book 2006 (launched by the world bank) says that in Pakistan education is not given any significant importance; necessary steps for development in the field of education are ignored. Pakistan spends only 2.3 percent on education out of its total Gross National Income. Normally south Asian countries spend 3.6 percent, whereas countries with low income use 3.4 of the income. Despite of being an under developed country it uses the minimum possible amount on schools and colleges.
These indicators show the country is not placed comfortable in terms of public sector spending on education. Education, which is of paramount importance for human resource development, is the most neglected area in Pakistan. There are about 20 million children between five and nine years of age. But only about half of them are currently enrolled in primary school. And little girls make up much less than half of that number, according to the figures.


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