Pakistani Pop Singer Quratulain Baloch Shines World Wide!!

Upcoming pop singer Quratulain Balouch, popularly known as QB, recently won the ‘Pakistan’s Youngest Achievement Award UK and Europe 2011’ in Britain. The third annual Pakistan achievement awards were held on September 16 and included 500 nominations for 11 award categories.
Balouch, who came into the spotlight during this year’s “Coke Studio”, has busied herself with touring and recording her first album, the name of which has not been finalised yet. The album, she says, will be ready for release by the end of the year.
QB wins ‘Pakistan’s Youngest Achievement Award
UK and Europe 2011’ in Britain
The award, which has been presented to several distinguished personalities including famed boxer Amir Khan, came as a pleasant surprise to QB. “I was approached for the Pakistan Youngest Achievement Award UK and Europe 2011 and was thrilled to get an award that is recognised internationally,” says Balouch. “People in London love Pakistani music and appreciate it to the fullest,” she adds, while highlighting that Pakistan’s music was growing and taking over other countries, including India.
Meanwhile, speaking on her singing style, QB adds that she hopes to maintain her own unique personality, adding that not being a classical singer — despite having a classical voice — allows her to better identify with the people. “I find it hard to completely change the overall image of being traditional because of my voice, although I agree my music is totally different from how I present myself, I’d rather keep it natural than make alterations in my appearance,” states the 23-year-old.
Being one of the younger musicians in the currently passive music industry means that there are numerous challenges for her in terms of growing and succeeding in the profession. However as a ‘new kid on the block’, QB says her experience has been incomparable as she has been extremely lucky so far. “Some people have it ingrained in them, while others have to work a little harder to get where they want. I would say focus and determination are very important. Another key point is to know what one is capable of,” she adds.
Rueing the fact that the industry is on the decline, QB laments, “Unfortunately, the music scene is fading in our country and the right platform for newcomers is hardly something to count on. I feel our music industry needs passionate people.”


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